Engineering and technical complex Avtomatika LLC (ETC Avtomatika) has been creating and implementing automation tools and systems under the SAKURA® trademark since 1996 (Appendix 1).

We are also developing complex infrastructure projects using energy-efficient technologies (Appendix 2.1) and new renewable energy sources (RES) (Appendix 2.2).

For the creation of aerothermal RES (Appendix 2.3), the well-known phenomenon of water crystallization was first used. It can be used (with little or no additional energy sources) to produce heat and ice from the frosty air.

Frosty air is obtained from the atmosphere of high-altitude, high-latitude (and not only, for example, states of the Midwest of the USA) regions, Mars, from emissions from air heat pumps of heating systems, and also using known refrigeration units operating on cheap excess solar electricity.

Based on this principle, our field-proven COOL ENERGY unit produces heat and ice of a certain shape, which can be stored in ice accumulators for a long time, transported in thermally insulated sea containers over land and water over any distance, and used for long-term, environmentally friendly, economical storage excess solar and/or wind energy in the form of ice for cooling, heating, ventilation, air conditioning of buildings and desalination.

We are looking for specialized partners/consortiums for joint participation in international projects in order to reduce the dependence of European countries on external energy supplies.

Our contribution to the projects is the solution of technical issues for the creation of an innovative energy system, the development, manufacture, and testing of a prototype of an ice production and storage unit, and the performance of thermal engineering calculations for all sections of the project, and the patenting of the solutions obtained.

Our slogan – We do not spare our energy to save yours!