Energy modernization of logistics complexes

A proposal for the creation of a sustainable system (in the built-in premises of residential, public, and industrial buildings) of dual purpose:

  • for long-term (peak/seasonal), economical (approximately $0.05/kWh) storage (with a density of 90 Wh/kg – using 40% of the room area) of excess solar/wind electrical energy in the form of ice of a special form for cooling systems, air conditioning, ventilation (electricity consumption of which reaches 20% of all electricity produced in the world) – in peacetime,
  • as a bomb shelter – during an attack by an aggressor.

The production of ice (before the war was tested in working conditions – TRL5), its storage, and transportation from the place of its production (to any distance by water and land) takes place in thermally insulated containers. The thawed water that remains can be used for domestic, and economic needs or for reuse.

Additional opportunities – obtaining:

  • ice – from the cold from the evaporators of air heat pumps – during the heating season, or from atmospheric air – in regions with frosty winters,
  • heat – use of the heat of water crystallization.