Delivery of water from high-latitude and high-altitude regions of the Earth

The payback of the project occurs with the simultaneous transportation of two products – water and cold in the form of ice.

We offer in the winter time in high latitudes (Norway, Greenland, Antarctica), in the Midwestern states of the USA and in high-mountain areas of the Earth to produce ice with the help of our tested COOL ENERGY installation from cold atmospheric air and water (practically without energy consumption), to store it and transport it (20-400,000 tons) over any distance in special isothermal sea containers, manufactured on our behalf by a Chinese company.

At the same time, the cold from the ice is used in the air conditioning, cooling supply, ventilation, and food storage systems, and after the ice melts, we get meltwater.

The production of ice is accompanied by air heating (due to the release of the heat of water crystallization).