Complex projects. Appendix 2.1 Energy efficient projects.​

  1. The program “Development of district heating in small and medium-sized cities of Ukraine” has been created, which allows halving the consumption of natural gas in housing and communal services, and does not require the construction of new or modernization of existing main pipelines – through the integrated use of cogeneration units and heat pumps. A business plan has been developed for a base thermal region with a capacity of 2.5 MW. Our proposals for this project were heard at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, approved by it, and recommended for implementation;
  2. a proposal “Use of the waste potential of the GCS of Ukraine” was developed, which was submitted to the State Enterprise “Ukrtransgaz”. When utilizing heat from the exhaust gases of one GCS, one can obtain energy savings equivalent to 30-40 million cubic meters. m of gas or 50-60 MW of thermal power for heating and hot water supply systems;
  3. in pursuance of the resolution of the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine on the implementation of an energy-efficient project “Restoration and modernization of ventilation systems in schools and kindergartens”, ITC “Avtomatika” developed a feasibility study for a pilot project;
  4. completed and submitted for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, NNEGC “Energoatom”, NAER of Ukraine (as a pilot) project of heat supply to the city of Nikopol and the nearest cities of the region at the expense of energy discharges of the Zaporizhzhya NPP (ZNPP) – by using high-power heat pumps. Business plan developed;
  5. an innovative proposal was developed to halve the volume of energy consumption by the compressor shops of industrial refrigerators – using renewable energy sources;
  6. an expert assessment of the energy-saving potential of a modern hypermarket was carried out;
  7. a draft plan for energy development and reduction of CO2 emissions was developed for OAO Elopak-Fastov;
  8. a dynamic model for the development of social standards in Ukraine has been proposed – with a significant reduction in the financing of state housing subsidies and the simultaneous introduction of energy-efficient measures in housing and communal services;
  9. a program for the modernization and development of the public energy sector in Ukraine based on the phased introduction of cogeneration technologies.