Complex projects. Appendix 2.2. Projects using new RES.

  1. An economical complex for long-term storage of excess solar and/or wind electrical energy in the form of ice for use in cooling, heating, hot water, and air conditioning systems.
  2. Trigeneration + Accumulation – Using the energy of pulsating gas torches (during oil production and refining) for the production and accumulation of electrical energy, heat and cold (for power supply systems, cooling, heating, air conditioning, cryptocurrency mining).
  3. Solar system with water collectors for district heating systems of buildings.
  4. Reducing the water level in the oceans through the accumulation of ice from seawater on the coast of Greenland.
  5. Construction of houses on Mars (the second stage of colonization) from local materials.
  6. Production and delivery of ice (crushed ice) and water from high latitudes and high mountains to low-water areas of the Earth.
  7. Passive solar heating system with buffer zones, heated at night with low-grade renewable energy.
  8. Application of aerothermal RES for winter runway heating systems, heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems, environmentally friendly cooling of parked aircraft in parking lots at northern airports.
  9. Application of aerothermal RES for storage and transportation of fish, heating, and ventilation of coastal infrastructure buildings.
  10. Automatic ice production for the International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival in Harbin – directly at the venue.
  11. Production of ice on the banks of the river. Huanghe (Ordos region) in winter to improve the efficiency of solar power plants and irrigate desert lands in summer.
  12. Data center cooling system.
  13. A sustainable system of dual purpose.
  14. Energy modernization of logistics complexes.